Legends Of Tomorrow's Caity Lotz Returning To Arrow For Season 6 Finale

It seems Arrow will be getting a visit from an old friend in this year's season finale.Sara Lance [...]

It seems Arrow will be getting a visit from an old friend in this year's season finale.

Sara Lance currently leads the Legends of Tomorrow, but Caity Lotz will be bringing Lance back to Arrow in a special appearance in this year's season finale (via Collider). The finale airs on May 17, and while we don't know why she is returning for the episode, there's plenty to look forward to in her return.

Lotz originally started on Arrow (as the Black Canary) before making the jump to Legends of Tomorrow, where the character of Lance (now White Canary) has flourished. Since then though a great deal has happened on the Arrow side of things, especially this season, where her father Quentin Lance has attempted to rehab Black Siren. Black Siren is the (until recently) evil Earth 2 version of Sara's sister Laurel Lance, who died at the hands of Damien Darhk. Quentin has been attempting to rehabilitate Siren, and Sara will likely have plenty of things to say about that.

Fans will get a kick out of seeing Sara back on Arrow regardless, and we can't wait to find out more about her return.

In the meantime, Arrow hits the CW tonight with an all-new episode, and you can find the official description of The Thanatos Guild below.

"NYSSA AL GHUL COMES BACK TO STAR CITY WITH A DANGEROUS MESSAGE FOR THEA — Nyssa Al Ghul (guest star Katrina Law) returns to Star City to warn Thea (Willa Holland) that a group of renegade League of Assassins members are planning to attack her. This group, led by Athena (guest star Kyra Zagorsky), is intent on finding a mysterious box that Malcolm left behind and will stop at nothing to get it. Nyssa helps Oliver (Stephen Amell) come to a life-changing realization. Joel Novoa directed the episode written by Beth Schwartz & Ben Sokolowski (#616)."

As for Legends of Tomorrow, next up is Guest Starring John Noble, which airs on The CW next Monday.