Catwoman Star Halle Berry and Saweetie Debut Halloween Costume

Catwoman star Halle Berry helped Saweetie debut her dynamite Halloween costume for this weekend. The McDonalds endorser has the perfect version of the outfit in the 2004 project. Famously, people maligned her turn as Patience Phillips in the movie. But, recently people have really taken a shine to her time in the mask. The Batman's Catwoman, Zoe Kravitz listed Berry's performance as an inspiration for her time as Selina Kyle in the upcoming blockbuster. You could probably say the same for Saweetie who might have been looking up to the Academy Award-winner back in the Aughts. It's all there. The leather, the distinctive mask, the wet-look pants, and of course the attitude. People on social media undoubtedly got a kick out of seeing two of their favorite stars unite for such an edit. You can check it out for yourself right here.

People are loving Catwoman now, but Berry talked about how hard it was after that and the Oscar with EW. "I thought they were going to just back up the truck and drop them off at my house, right?" she explained. "When you have a historic win like that, you think, 'Oh, this is going to fundamentally change.' It did fundamentally change me, but it didn't change my place in the business overnight. I still had to go back to work. I still had to try to fight to make a way out of no way."

There were some definite lessons learned from the Catwoman experience. Berry spoke to Variety about how that movie made her look into having more of a say in which projects to pursue. Her DC Comics heroine movie also encouraged her to get into directing films instead.

"The story didn't feel quite right," Berry told the publication. "I remember having that argument: 'Why can't Catwoman save the world like Batman and Superman do? Why is she just saving women from a face cream that cracks their face off?' But I was just the actor for hire. I wasn't the director. I had very little say over that."

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