'Constantine' Animated Series Gets a Premiere Date

Fans of Matt Ryan's John Constantine have a lot to look forward to in March. Not only is the [...]

Fans of Matt Ryan's John Constantine have a lot to look forward to in March. Not only is the fan-favorite character returning to The CW's Legends of Tomorrow for another appearance on the time-travel superhero drama, but the Constantine animated series for CW Seed will begin streaming on March 24.

Warner Bros. TV and Warner Bros. Animation recently announced their events and panels for Anaheim's WonderCon 2018 and in addition to a question and answer session with Warner Bros. Animation's Peter Girardi, the convention is hosting the world premiere screening of the series on March 24, the same day it begins streaming on CW Seed.

The upcoming Constantine series, which will follow the iconic and fan-favorite character with Ryan reprising his role from the NBC series which ran from 2014-2015, will follow CW Seed's other animated Arrowverse offerings -- Vixen and Freedom Fighters: The Ray -- by having ties to The CW's live-action counterparts. However, the animated Constantine will also be darker than its live-action predecessor on NBC. According to Girardi, the animated series will be a bit closer to the character's Hellblazer comics roots.

"It's Constantine, if you're familiar with the character," Girardi said earlier this year. "It's Constantine from the Vertigo comic; it's dark. Darker than the show."

The announcement that Constantine will begin streaming in just a few short weeks doesn't come as a huge surprise, though it will no doubt excite fans. Ryan recently told ComicBook.com that he would be finishing up his work on the animated series in the next few weeks, signaling that the show was getting close to release.

"I have done the animated series -- I did that last year sometime, I think," Ryan told ComicBook.com. "It feels like a long time ago. I actually have to go in in the next couple weeks to do another session to finish it off."

As Ryan's next live-action appearance, Constantine will appear in an upcoming Legends of Tomorrow episode, "Necromancing the Stone," something first hinted at in an Instagram post from Legends actor Nick Zano that featured Zano bruised and bloodied, his hands up for a fight, but with Constantine's familiar signature trench coat visible behind Zano's head. Warner Bros. Television confirmed for ComicBook.com that Ryan will appear as Constantine in the episode. Ryan will also appear in the show's season finale.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday nights at 8/7c on The CW with Constantine appearing next in the episode "Necromancing the Stone" on March 19. Constantine will begin streaming on CW Seed March 24.