'Constantine: City of Demons' is Now Available on CW Seed

After much anticipation, the animated series Constantine: City of Demons is officially available [...]

After much anticipation, the animated series Constantine: City of Demons is officially available to watch on CW Seed.

This is just the latest Arrowverse animated series to be brought onto CW Seed, following the success of Vixen and Freedom Fighters: The Ray. But as fans of Matt Ryan's trenchcoat-wearing Hellblazer know, the arrival of this series is a long time coming.

Ryan took on the role of the wise-cracking demonologist back in 2014, starring in NBC's Constantine TV series. The 13-episode first season followed Constantine on a journey around America, and crossing paths with various demons and supernatural threats. The show was cancelled in 2015, sparking a sort of movement amongst fans, many of whom were eager for Ryan to reprise his role in some capacity.

In the years since, fans have gotten their wish in a myriad of ways. In addition to voicing the character in the Justice League Dark animated film, Constantine has had a sort of second life in The CW's Arrowverse, beginning with a special episode of Arrow. The episode saw Constantine's help being enlisted by Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and Laurel Lance/Black Canary (Katie Cassidy), who were trying to rescue Sara's soul after her recent resurrection.

At the end of the episode, Constantine parted ways with the group, spent a brief time literally in hell, and has since returned to team up with Legends of Tomorrow. (And, if the show gets renewed for another season, he will join the group full time.)

But before that, fans will be able to check out City of Demons, which sees an animated version of Constantine taking on various supernatural threats. While, at the time of this writing, it's unknown what exactly audiences can expect from the plot - and if any other Arrowverse characters will show up - fans will be excited to find out.

"I have done the animated series -- I did that last year sometime, I think," Ryan told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "It feels like a long time ago. I actually have to go in in the next couple weeks to do another session to finish it off."

"It was great," Ryan continued. "It was a fantastic script and that was the first time I played him since, I think Justice League Dark animation, and obviously, it's very different kind of playing him with a voice and actually playing the character in the live action as well, but it's a great script and I'm looking forward to seeing it."

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As we mentioned above, Constantine: City of Demons is now available on CW Seed.