"Crisis on Earth-X Part 3" Clip Introduces The Ray and Citizen Cold

Ahead of the third hour of the Arrowverse crossover event 'Crisis on Earth-X', The CW has released [...]

Ahead of the third hour of the Arrowverse crossover event "Crisis on Earth-X", The CW has released a clip introducing two of Earth-X's heroes: The Ray and Citizen Cold.

In the clip, the Earth-1 heroes arrive at Earth-X's Star City and the base for Earth-X's resistance. As you can see in the video it looks a lot like Team Arrow's base on Earth-1, but that's not the interesting part of the clip. What is interesting is the introduction of Citizen Cold (Wentworth Miller) and The Ray (Russell Tovey) and more than that, despite being on Earth-X The Ray is actually from Earth-1.

The heroes of both Earths coming together will no doubt give Arrowverse fans hope. At the end of last night's portion of the crossover the Earth-1 heroes found themselves in an Earth-X concentration camp separated from Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), a terrifying situation not only because of the Nazi dystopia that Earth-X is but what Kara's absence could mean. It was revealed last night that the villains of Earth-X aren't just interested in spreading their Reich to another world. They also want Kara's heart to save their own Kryptonian, the evil Overgirl.

But if they want to save Kara, the heroes are going to have to get to Earth-X's interdimensional gateway and while it's close enough they can drive -- or use super speed -- to get there, Citizen Cold and The Ray have some bad news for the Earth-1 heroes. That gateway, their only way home? It just so happens to be guarded by a well-fortified army of Nazis.

Will the heroes make it through that army of Nazis and back to Earth-1 to save Kara? Find out as "Crisis on Earth-X" concludes tonight with episodes of The CW's The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow beginning at 8/7c.