Batman Wields a Lantern Ring in Dark Nights: Death Metal

Dark Nights: Death Metal has been making some pretty significant changes to the DC universe, as [...]

Dark Nights: Death Metal has been making some pretty significant changes to the DC universe, as The Batman Who Laughs tries to conquer the multiverse in his own image. The series' debut issue, which hit store shelves last week, teed up the rock-and-roll conflict that lies ahead, while also weaving in a surprising number of characters. In an issue filled with an almost-countless number of Batman doppelgangers, the Dark Knight himself still got to have a pretty epic entrance -- with the help of some new jewelry. Spoilers for Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 below! Only look if you want to know.

The first act of the issue revolved around The Batman Who Laughs organizing a meeting with his underlings, which was taking place on a park that also served as a cemetery for a battle in the Revolutionary War. As is explained earlier on in the issue, those dead soldiers were referred to as "Deadbeats", after their drums were silenced by the British army lighting their tunnels on fire.

Midway through the meeting, the true Batman appeared, and essentially stood still while intimidating The Batman Who Laughs. When The Batman Who Laughs questioned why Bruce wasn't fighting back, he made that answer clear in an unexpected way -- by raising his fist to the air, revealing a Black Lantern ring. On Bruce's command, a horde of the Deadbeats began to rise from the dead, and attack The Batman Who Laughs' army.

dark nights death metal 1 batman black lantern ring
(Photo: DC Comics)

Given the established powers of the Black Lantern Ring - which allowed undead ranks of the Black Lantern Corps to channel their power - the moment is both epic and pretty comic-accurate. It also isn't the first time that Batman has technically come into contact with the world of Black Lanterns, as he was turned one by Nekron during the Blackest Night storyline.

In the context of Death Metal, Bruce wielding a Black Lantern ring does feel particularly noteworthy, especially given the exposition dump that Wonder Woman and Wally West later give about the universe being divided into good energy and "Crisis Energy". Depending on how the event ultimately plays out, Bruce having that ring at his disposal might end up being pretty helpful in the fight that is to come.

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