Dark Nights: Death Metal Reveals an Atom Batman Hybrid

DC fans have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to Dark Nights: Death Metal, the comic [...]

DC fans have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to Dark Nights: Death Metal, the comic event that has provided a dark and outrageous take on the comic universe. One of the hallmarks of the Metal event has been its various alternate versions of Batman, which marry the iconic character with other superheroes and villains in the DC universe. The second issue of Death Metal was no exception, as it not only leveled up The Batman Who Laughs in a pretty terrifying way, but it introduced a unique (albeit short-lived) combination of Batman and another Justice League member. Spoilers for Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue opened with what appeared to be a lizard navigating through a patch of grass, before eventually being revealed to be a pint-sized superhero. The man, who was dressed in an Atom costume with a Batman symbol and pointy Bat ears, radioed into "Castle Bat", confirming that he was among the various evil Batmen. Referring to himself as "The Batom", the man said there was no sign of the resistance, but that he would definitely put up a fight if they did show. He was then immediately squished by the resistance's Bat-themed tank.

dark nights death metal batman atom
(Photo: DC Comics)

Oh, Batom. We hardly knew thee.

The arrival - and immediate death - of Batom showcases just want kind of stakes the overall Death Metal event has in store. If the second issue as a whole is any indication, writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo are going to take fans on an even more epic journey.

"I've been waiting to do this story since we finished Dark Nights: Metal," Snyder said in a statement when the series was first announced. "As much as it was a complete event, we left some threads hanging there for sure. I'd hoped that if people liked the first series enough, we'd have a chance to set up something bigger, and that's our plan for Death Metal."

"For all of us, Dark Nights: Death Metal is about the fun factor," Capullo said. "Comics should be fun, bombastic, and over-the-top. This series is going to be exciting and jam-packed with great 'metal-esque' moments that will make fans lose their minds when they see them."

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