David Ayers Weighs In On Possibility Of Doing A Suicide Squad Sequel

(Photo: Comicbook.com)

Suicide Squad had its world premiere in New York Monday night, with stars and crew from the film descending on the Beacon Theater to show off the finished product of the much-hyped movie. The third in the new DC Films Universe, Suicide Squad had a lot of pressure on it to make a stride toward more fun and excitement in that world.

Well one thing's clear from the media blitz: the actors in the film all had a lot of fun. Having clearly become a tight-knit group, actors like Will Smith, Jai Courtney, and Margot Robbie all praised writer/director David Ayer on the red carpet last night, all reiterating that they signed on to be in the film before a script was even available because of him, and would love to do more.

"I was kind of hoping I was rid of them all," Ayer said with a laugh when Comicbook.com told him about the comments from his actors. But will he be coming back for more in the DCEU after Suicide Squad? Well, he wants this movie to launch (successfully) first.

"Look, anything's possible," the director told us. "Right now I have to see if the movie connects with the fans. Who knows? You never know. I made it for the fans, and am a fan myself. But before I put my head back on the chopping block, there are some questions to settle."


So far, the critical reviews are mixed, with positive reviews coming from more fan-oriented sites, while other outlets are utterly panning it. It's clear that Ayer's future with the franchise, as far as he's concerned, is much more tied to what fans think about the film. He'll find out when Suicide Squad opens this weekend.