DC Reveals First Details on Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok's 'Three Jokers'

Today has been filled with plenty of bombshells for DC Comics fans, and it looks like there's even [...]

Today has been filled with plenty of bombshells for DC Comics fans, and it looks like there's even more excitement in store.

During his spotlight panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Geoff Johns revealed new details on The Three Jokers, his upcoming prestige-format miniseries with artist Jason Fabok. The series is expected to have three 46-page issues, which will shed light on a previously-introduced plot thread from DC Rebirth - that there is more than one person currently operating as the Joker.

You can check out the first art from The Three Jokers, which features homages to The Killing Joke and Death in the Family, below.

"This story is focused on — and I don't want to spoil it too much — but it's not focused on other dimensions or alternate earths or whatever." John explained during the panel. "It focuses on the origins of the Joker and Bruce's realization that there's more than one operating."

"It's all about scars and healing wrong and healing right and pain," Johns said. "If I could tell one Joker story, this is the one I would tell."

According to Johns, there are distinctions between the three Jokers that define them as different characters but "that might just be in my head," Johns said. "There's this really fun scene where Joker drives this truck. He goes to the woods and there's a cabin with a light on, and he knocks on the door and there's a Joker standing there wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and The Joker says, 'That's my shirt.'"

The series, which will be published under DC Black Label, will center on Batman, Barbara Gordon, and Jason Todd trying to unravel the mystery. Johns hopes that it will be released in the winter.

"This story is exactly the same," Johns added. "I pitched it a year ago and it's exactly the same down to the panel and the dialogue."

While it's unclear exactly how The Three Jokers will unfold, Johns did tease that it "will create a relationship between Bruce and The Joker that is completely different than the one they have now." And with the Clown Prince of Crime certainly having an increasingly-large presence in DC's other ventures, it's safe to assume that there will be a sort of captive audience.

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