'DC Deck Building Game's New Crisis Expansion Spotlights Teen Titans

Cryptozoic just revealed all the details on their new Crisis Expansion for their DC Deck Building [...]

Cryptozoic just revealed all the details on their new Crisis Expansion for their DC Deck Building Game, and Teen Titans fans are going to be quite happy.

Cryptozoic decided to celebrate Gen Con with a new announcement, pulling the curtain off its fourth Crisis Expansion. The expansion will focus on the grown-up Teen Titans, but will also include enhanced cooperative play with a new keyword (Unity) and new Personal Crises cards. This expansion also adds cooperative play to any previous version of the game.

Like previous expansions, this one will work with any of the core base sets, but it works best with the Teen Titans version. This expansion comes with Crisis versions of eight Titans as well as six Hero card versions of the Titans, including Donna Troy, Nightwing, The Flash, Tempest, Arsenal, and Omen.

(Photo: Cryptozoic)

Players will have a new Unity keyword to work with. Anytime a Unity card is played the player who has it gains that benefit, but also the benefit of any other Unity card in play by other players, encouraging team play and strategies.

The other new addition is Personal Crisis, which scale down the Crisis Cards of earlier expansions into something that only targets an individual player.

(Photo: Cryptozoic)

"Personal Crises are a new twist we wanted to explore after the world-altering Crises of the previous three expansions," explained Matt Dunn, the game's lead designer. "DC's Teen Titans stories have always explored the relationships as much as crime-fighting, and that is reflected in the up-close-and-personal nature of the Crisis effects in this set."

While these cards only target one player specifically, they can have a big effect on the rest of the team by doing things like draining the main deck. Other players can help you resolve the Personal Crisis though, so again teamwork comes into play.

If you aren't familiar with the DC Deck Building Game you can check out our guide on how to play right here!

Fans at Gen Con can check out the game at Cryptozoic's booth (#601), and the set will hit retailers on August 8th. It will retail for $20 dollars, and you can check out the expansion's full contents below. UPDATE: It is available to pre-order on Amazon now.

Product Details:

Number of players: 1-5
Ages: 15+
Playtime: 60-120 minutes
Game Design by Matt Dunn & Richard Brady
Contents Summary:
14 Oversized DC Super Heroes
9 Impossible DC Super-Villains
4 Crisis-Only DC Super-Villains
12 Personal Crisis Cards
32 Main Deck Cards
Requires a copy of DC Deck-Building Game or one of its standalone expansions: Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, or Teen Titans

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