DC Orders More Dial H For Hero and Wonder Twins

Brian Michael Bendis's Wonder Comics imprint is apparently a big success at DC, because the publisher has just doubled the orders for the miniseries Wonder Twins by Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne; and Dial H For Hero by Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones. The series will take a brief break between their sixth and seventh issues, but will continue beyond their initial orders and end after 12 issues instead of 6. The series are among a handful of series that reinvent some of DC's lighter and more Silver Age-inspired characters from Bendis's Wonder Comics imprint, which also includes Young Justice and the forthcoming Jimmy Olsen series, along with the newly-created character Naomi.

"One is that part of the legacy of Dial H for Hero that's so beautiful is that anybody can pick up the H-Dial and become a hero," Humphries told ComicBook.com. "Because of that, every run of Dial H for Hero has featured a different protagonist or different set of protagonists. So we're really fitting right in line with what is the legacy of Dial H for Hero. Legacy is what keeps the DC Universe growing and building and thriving, and it deepens the mythology. This book is right in line with the tradition of Dial H for Hero," he explained. "The other thing that comes to mind is that I would say this is anything but a traditional comic books, because one of the exciting things about Dial H for Hero is that it's in the content, it's in the actual title, that every issue, you get a brand new superhero. You get a brand new set of powers and a brand new costume, brand new codename, all that good stuff. But we thought, what if we could extend that transformation and make it bigger? What if we could somehow make the reader feel that transformation as well?"

"What appealed to me about the Wonder Twins is that they're sort of blank slates," Russell told us. "Also that the powers are kind of underwhelming, so there's not a lot of expectations placed on them. That freed me from having to tell the normal superhero stories where they're going after Darkseid or they're going after Doomsday or something. I can have them, because of their underwhelming nature of their powers, go after smaller scale stories. Trying to stop a vampire or, trying to or taking down this 50-year-old insect guy who's long over the hill and is basically declining as a supervillian to obscurity."


You can get the first few issues of each title at your local comic shop or on ComiXology.