DC Reveals New Secrets of the Speed Force

The Speed Force has always been one of the elements of The Flash's mythos that has been a bit of a mystery, now some of its secrets have been revealed -- and they could spell doom for the Multiverse.

Spoilers for The Flash #63 below.

As both Barry Allen and fans discovered during the events of "Flash War", the Speed Force is only one of the Forces out there. There are others -- the Strength, Still, and Sage Forces -- and Barry, along with Wally West, inadvertently released them after having been manipulated by Zoom, Hunter Zolomon. Barry ultimately decided to set out on a "Force Quest" to find out more about these other Forces and the power's they unleashed and that's roughly where things pick up in Flash #63 with the Scarlet Speedster along with Sage Force user Bashir/Psych at the mercy of Gemini -- Belladonna and Santiago. With a little help from Iris West, Flash and Psych manage to survive the attack by Gemini, but Psych uses the Sage Force to kill Santiago in the process.

It's the killing of Santiago that cracks open some of the secrets of the Speed Force. Having taken the knowledge from Santiago as he killed him, Psych reveals something terrible to Barry: the Speed, Strength, Still, and Sage Forces were never meant to work together to protect the Multiverse. Far from it. The Forces are instead heading down a path for war, each force battling for a mysterious Forever Force.

Psych flees before Barry can get any more information, but he ends up heading to Gorilla City where one of the few survivors reveals even more secrets. The holographic King Solovar, who originally told Barry about these Forces, wasn't completely honest. The Forces were always against one another and this had been kept from Barry as they hoped that Barry would be able to stop the coming war. Denying Barry the truth, they hoped, would help him avoid his destiny.

And it's a destiny worth avoiding. That destiny is the war between the Forces. The last war between the Forces nearly tore the Multiverse apart. Unfortunately, that's not the only secret revealed in Gorilla City. Hunter Zolomon, who Barry believed was lost in hypertime is in fact alive and well and not trapped. He is the one responsible for the destruction and massacre at Gorilla City -- and as someone who has demonstrated the ability to wield all of the Forces and not just Speed, Zolomon may be an extremely dangerous foe as the Forces march towards war.

What did you think about these new secrets of the Speed Force? Let us know in the comments below.

The Flash #63 is on sale now.



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