DC Universe Streaming Service Reportedly Being Reevaluated

It seems the streaming landscape may be changing for several superheroes at DC Entertainment. In the wake of reports confirming the cancellation of Swamp Thing, a piece by Deadline suggests the DC Universe platform is currently being reevaluated by executives.

Not long ago, Deadline shared a piece about the cancellation of Swamp Thing, and it was there the trade said DC Universe is “being reevaulated” much like “every other initiative” housed under WarnerMedia.

This reported revisit is being done in light of AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner. The merge created WarnerMedia, the company now overseeing platforms such as DC Universe. In the past, reports have suggested WarnerMedia is focused on creating a versatile streaming service of its own, and Deadline reports questions have been asked about how the “DC Universe fits into those plans.”

As for Swamp Thing, the show’s abrupt cancellation could be a one-off dead end for DC Universe, or it could be the first should the WarnerMedia evaluation take a turn. This horror-centric series only made it one episode in before being axed, but it seems DC Universe will release the rest of the show. Originally, Swamp Thing was ordered with 13 episodes, but Deadline says the leadership at WarnerMedia was never too keen on the series. It was for that reason Swamp Thing cut down its episode order to 10, and now the show has been cancelled entirely.

This latest series might not have wowed the higher-ups overseeing DC Universe, but it is not the only show on the streaming platform. DC Universe first stepped out with Titans which has been given a second season already. Doom Patrol hit the service shortly before Swamp Thing, and its over-the-top characters have already enamored fans who are still waiting on news of a second season.


Earlier this year, fans did get an update on the DC Universe slate at a panel during WonderCon. It was there the streaming service confirmed it would be bringing DC Comics backlogs to the site, and a slew of television and film projects were revealed to be coming to subscribers. Titans will return to DC Universe with season 2 in Fall 2019 before the animated series Harley Quinn follows in late Fall 2019. Additionally, DC Universe announced season one of Krypton would debut on DC Universe starting in April 2019. Finally, the release date for the mid-season premiere of Young Justice: Outsiders was revealed as July 2, 2019.

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