Joe Manganiello Says ‘Deathstroke’ Film Is Still In The Works

Things have been quiet on the Deathstroke front for awhile now, and fans have been getting nervous [...]

Things have been quiet on the Deathstroke front for awhile now, and fans have been getting nervous about his big screen spotlight. Joe Manganiello brought the DC Comics legend to life at the very end of Justice League, but his future with the DC Extended Universe has been iffy since Matt Reeves signed on to direct The Batman, the original movie Deathstroke was meant to star in.

However, it looks like things are actually doing alright for the masked mercenary. Manganiello just gave a short update on the Deathstroke film, and the blurb has made fans hopeful.

Tonight, Manganiello stopped by the premiere of Rampage, and the actor met up with Variety to chat. It was there the site asked how things are doing with Deathstroke, and the actor simply had this to relay:

"There are things in the work, that's all I can say."

The note is a vague one, but it does give fans hope that DC Films and Warner Bros. Pictures have not forgotten the mercenary. After the villain's tenure with The Batman came into question, audiences were left wondering where Deathstroke could fit into the DCEU. Those worries persisted until reports said Gareth Evans (The Raid) was in talks to helm a movie focusing on the DC villain, but few updates about Deathstroke have been given since.

While there are very few plans out for Deathstroke just yet, fans can only hope Warner Bros. Pictures will prioritize the project. For many, Manganiello's appearance as the baddie in Justice League was a highlight, and he fit in well with the DCEU's tone. If his solo movie gets approved, then it will surely be a while before DC Films began work on it, but the franchise could plant the seeds for Deathstroke's return. So, who knows? Maybe the assassin will make a pop-up appearance in Suicide Squad 2 for the fun of it?

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