'Doom Patrol': Cyborg Audition Tape Drops F-Bombs

After debuting in the upcoming Titans series on the DC Universe streaming platform, the Doom Patrol will be getting their own series featuring the popular hero Cyborg. But it sounds like the series will darker, edgier affair compared to the DC shows on The CW and FOX.

New audition tapes for the Cyborg role on Doom Patrol have surfaced, in which the script features numerous F-bombs and other instances of mature language. The tapes unearthed by Omega Underground feature Cyborg speaking with his father, Dr. Silas Stone, and Robotman.

The audition tapes feature actors Roderick Lawrence, Michael Xavier, and Buom Tihngang, who are all vying for the role of Victor Stone.

The exchange between Cyborg and his father echoes the tone of that in Zack Snyder's Justice League movie with a slight twist, in that Dr. Stone is focused on helping and learning from his son instead of encouraging his humanity. The two are obviously at odds, which could be the bedrock for some intriguing conflict in the upcoming series.

The script dialogue between Cyborg and Robotman is a bit more interesting, as it indicates that The Chief gets abducted and requires saving from the two heroes. And though Cyborg seems eager to help out, Robotman is none too pleased with having to deal with his assistance. That's when he says "f--k," numerous times, possibly hinting at the tone of the series being more mature, much like the R-rated DC Animated movies.

There's no indication that the upcoming Titans series will also be an edgier story in the DC Comics universe, though the fact that Doom Patrol is spinning out of it could be an indication that DC Universe's live-action series will have a darker tone.

Between Titans, Swamp Thing, and Doom Patrol, DC appears to be catering to the older audiences for their initial output of original series, while the animated Harley Quinn and the return of Young Justice could be more skewed toward children.

Of course, it's unlikely this dialogue will be included in the finished episodes once they begin airing, so F-bombs could be absent from the series altogether. But at this point, fans should be bracing for a superhero series even darker than the ones on Netflix.


Doom Patrol was just announced for DC Universe, and there's no word yet on when production will begin or when the series will air its first episode.

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