'Doom Patrol's Jovian Wade Wants to Thank Ray Fisher for "Paving the Way" as Cyborg

After making his live-action debut in 2017's Justice League, Cyborg is finally preparing to appear in yet another DC project, this time on the small screen. Doom Patrol is set to premiere on DC Universe this Friday and will feature Vic Stone, aka Cyborg, as a main character, this time played by young actor Jovian Wade.

Ahead of the premiere, ComicBook.com talked with many of the Doom Patrol stars about what to expect from the new series, and how they brought their DC Comics characters to life. When speaking to Wade, reporter Scott Huver asked what he would want to say to Cyborg predecessor Ray Fisher if he had the chance.

"What do I want to talk about? First of all, thank you for paving the way, thank you for demonstrating and giving us an amazing version of Cyborg," Wade said. "I just hope I can demonstrate half of what he was able to do and give the fans half of what they loved from his version of that. At the same time knowing that this is a different version, just getting some feedback and advice as to how his journey was within the DC world. The fan base etcetera and going through whatever it is that I'm about to come up against and go through. So yeah I love Ray Fisher and everything he's done and what he's portrayed and I can't wait to join that family of Vic Stones and Cyborgs. That's probably what I'd chat with him about."

Fisher took on the role of Cyborg for the live-action Justice League movie more than a year ago, but there has been little word as to when or if he would reprise the role. Since the film struggled at the box office and with critics, the landscape of DC movies has shifted considerably. Ben Affleck is leaving his Batman role, with director Matt Reeves set to replace him in the upcoming solo film. There has been little forward progress on a new Superman movie with Henry Cavill, and the Flash solo flick seems to still be in limbo. With all of the changes, it's unclear if Fisher still has a future as Cyborg.

Fortunately, Jovian Wade and Doom Patrol are almost here to fill that Cyborg-sized role in all of our hearts.

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Doom Patrol is set to premiere on Friday, February 15th exclusively on DC Universe.

Additional reporting by Scott Huver.