Doom Patrol Unleashes its Weirdest Characters Yet in "Cyborg Patrol"

If you've been keeping up with DC Universe's Doom Patrol, then you know that weird is definitely a key component of the series. From the abilities and situations of the heroes themselves to the missions they undertake and the opponents they face, there's something in every episode that falls under the category of "weird". This week's episode, though, may have just introduced the weirdest characters in the series yet -- and yes, it's even weirder than Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man.

If you haven't seen "Cyborg Patrol" yet, just know that there are spoilers for the episode beyond this point.

In this week's episode, the team finds themselves teaming up with Vic's father Silas Stone in an attempt to rescue him. You see, previously in "Frances Patrol", Vic is abducted by the Bureau of Normalcy when he and Jane try to meet up with a woman who claims to be Flex Mentallo's wife. At the Ant Farm, the Darren Jones and the Bureau plan to either utilize Vic as Cyborg for their own nefarious work or strip him down for proprietary tech despite the fact that the agency has a working relationship with Silas and STAR Labs. It's that relationship that is actually how the plan comes together. Silas and the team show up making it appear that Silas has sold them out: Cliff, Larry, and Jane in exchange for Vic.

Turns out though, the real plan was for them to work from the inside to bust Vic out -- Rita was smuggled inside Cliff -- and overall it works. They do work together to get Vic out, but in the process, they also decide to free all of the captives. That includes 722, a man who we know from next week's promo ends up being Flex Mentallo, and a group of creatures that look like, well, human butts.

That's right: the Bureau has been keeping captive some weird butt creatures there at the Ant Farm, but it isn't just that these characters look weird. They're dangerous, too. When the butts are freed, the Bureau's agents start panicking and trying to run only for many of them to be attacked and presumably eaten by the bizarre creatures -- including Darren Jones. These butt creatures are so terrifying that when the general in charge of the Bureau is called and informed that the butts have been released, he chooses to kill himself rather than face them.

To the best of our knowledge, there isn't really a corresponding butt-like creature in DC Comics that Doom Patrol's freaky new creatures are an interpretation of (correct us if we're missing them!) but this isn't the first time butt-like things have been featured in the series. In "Doom Patrol Patrol", Mr. Nobody utilizes hot air balloon that looks like a giant butt during the original Doom Patrol's ultimate battle with him. Combined with the farting donkey situation -- the end of "Pilot" as well as "Donkey Patrol" -- it's very likely that Mr. Nobody has a weird thing about butts and could be a clue that he had more than a small hand in the entire Ant Farm misadventure. It's something that would certainly track, considering that the episode closes with Mr. Nobody revealing to Vic that he had been manipulating him into a situation where he attacked -- and presumably killed -- Silas, a situation far more horrifying than a pack of murderous butts.

Doom Patrol is now streaming on DC Universe. New episodes debut every Friday.

What did you think of the weird butt creatures in "Cyborg Patrol"? Let us know in the comments below.


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