'Doom Patrol' Releases "Donkey Patrol" Trailer

Doom Patrol made its series debut on DC Universe Friday and now, the streaming service has [...]

Doom Patrol made its series debut on DC Universe Friday and now, the streaming service has released a promo for "Donkey Patrol", next week's episode and it looks like things are only going to get weirder for these misfit heroes.

At the end of the series premiere, Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk) made his villainous debut which appears to be the driving issue of "Donkey Patrol", as Mr. Nobody opened a portal to another dimension. From the looks of the promo, which you can check out in the video above, Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) will jump right on in, going after The Chief (Timothy Dalton), leaving Robotman (Brendan Fraser), Negative Man (Matt Bomer) and Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr) to figure out how to save them -- provided Robotman can convince the others to join in. And, as the title implies, the mysterious donkey that appeared in the first episode is likely to come into play.

It's clear from both the promo and the series' first episode that Doom Patrol is going to lean into the zany, weird, and wacky tone of Doom Patrol's source material and it's not something that will stop anytime soon. Ahead of the premiere, Guerrero told ComicBook.com that Doom Patrol succeeds at bringing the insanity of Grant Morrison's comics to life.

"Oh yeah, yeah. No it was easily, easily the weirdest show," Guerrero said. "I read the comic books before I had a chance to even read the script, so I go, 'Oh this is gonna be, this is unlike anything I've ever seen before' and I was really enticed by that. And then of course when you get the script, and you see the language is amazing, the writing is just great, now you think, 'how the hell are they going to do this?' I'm not too savvy about the CGI world or like that kind of, the effects stuff but they're really making it work and so it's really fun to see. I believe we're sort of living in a very wacky world ourselves so, I think that this isn't really too much of a stretch from what we've been seeing, especially the state of our country now so, it's kind of like good to be on a show that sort of puts all of that wackiness at the forefront and makes you deal with it whether you like, if you decide to watch, then you'll have to deal with that whether you like it or not or whether it makes you uncomfortable."

And it won't just be the delightfully odd comics that Doom Patrol dives into. Guerrero, whose character Crazy Jane has a staggering 64 different personalities as a result of dissociative identity disorder developed after horrific trauma, went on to explain that the show will also deal with difficult issues such as mental health.

"But I think that we're looking to sort of like enter a world like this that makes us think a little bit," she continued. "I love the characters because everyone is sort of grappling with a deep rooted issue that has nothing to do with one another and has nothing to do with their present status, it has to do with something they haven't dealt with that has occurred to them in their past and I like dissecting the human brain, I think that's the most challenging and I think that mental health is something we don't talk enough about anywhere around the world, and in this country and I think that the show is just a big therapy session for all the characters and so the mind is beautiful, the mind is scary, I love that we get to dissect it on the show."

Doom Patrol airs on DC Universe with new episodes dropping every Friday. "Donkey Patrol" will debut on February 22nd.