Dwayne Johnson Reveals How Black Adam Movie Begins

Black Adam's opening scene is amazing according to Dwayne Johnson. The beloved movie star sat down with Total Film to unpack everything about the anti-hero. During that conversation, the actor revealed that the first scene of the movie is an entire army trying to take down his superhero character. In The Rock's words, "What happens after that is f****** incredible. You establish who this man is, his power, and him being unstoppable." In all of the marketing for Black Adam so far, it's become clear that this unstoppable force imagery is central to his storyline. This is a threat that the DC Universe is unfamiliar with. Usually, when projects focus on an anti-hero, they're unpowered or from the criminal underworld. This time, DC is going straight for the fantastical elements, and people are enjoying that direction from all the early indications. Check out more of what the star had to say down below:

"You get one shot out of the gates to build these characters properly. We paid attention to some of the pitfalls that other films had experienced in the past, in the world of DC, and what, rightfully, got a lot of fans unhappy and pissed – and, as a fan, I was one of them. So, let's make sure we respect tradition and mythology, but let's not be handcuffed creatively. We can do anything if we keep the audience first."

Then, of course, the topic drifted toward what everyone wants to see. Superman vs. Black Adam. Could it happen? Probably, says The Rock, but he has no idea which version of the Man of Steel would show up for that brawl.

"So to me, there's a battle that's going to go down one day, between Black Adam and Superman. I don't know who that Superman is going to be, and I don't know who's going to play him. That's OK. I don't need to know right now. But I'm confident in knowing that [laughs]. And that's based out of what fans want. We worked backwards from there."

Jaume Colett-Serra also talked to the magazine about how this movie would shake up the superhero genre.

"Black Adam is a disruptor in the DC Comics world, and it has to be a disruptor in the way that we make a superhero movie," Collet-Serra observed. "I like to be challenged, and I wanted to create new technology, so we developed the way that [Adam] moves, the way that he flies, his costume. And then it trickled down to every other character and the movie itself. But there was always the goal – to be new and unique in the storytelling and in every aspect of it."  

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