"Elseworlds": Elizabeth Tulloch Says a Superman & Lois Lane Spinoff Has Potential

The first installment of The CW's 'Elseworlds' crossover introduced fans to a new iteration of [...]

The first installment of The CW's "Elseworlds" crossover introduced fans to a new iteration of Superman and Lois Lane, and it sounds like there's a chance that fans will get to see more of the pair.

In an interview with TVLine, Elizabeth Tulloch spoke about her Arrowverse debut as Lois Lane, and sharing the screen with Tyler Hoechlin's Clark Kent/Superman. When asked about the possibility of there being a Superman and Lois Lane-centric series - at least, based off of what is established in "Elseworlds" - Tulloch seemed pretty optimistic.

"Potentially, and it was something I sort of talked to one of the producers about." Tulloch explained. "I think it'll depend on how ["Elseworlds"] is reviewed and a bunch of other external factors that nobody has really that much control over. I know Tyler and I would love to come back and work more together. We fortunately had great chemistry, which is not always a given."

For some DC fans, this will surely be good news, as it seems like Tulloch and Hoechlin were seen as one of the highlights of "Elseworlds" Part 1. Plus, the possibility of a Superman solo series has been suggested quite a bit in the past, almost since Hoechlin made his debut in Supergirl's second season.

But even then, as Tulloch notes, there probably are some other factors that would stand in the way of that series becoming a reality. For one thing, The CW is already planning to springboard one potential series out of "Elseworlds", with a Batwoman pilot poised to begin filming next spring. There is also the nature of whether DC would want to use the Man of Steel in a Superman show, even with Henry Cavill's big-screen future as the character currently in flux.

Either way, it sounds like fans will still get to see more of Clark and Lois in the later chapters of "Elseworlds", something that those in the Arrowverse have been aiming towards doing for a while.

"For us, since Supergirl, I think regardless it was amazing to have Clark and Lois together on our show." Supergirl EP Robert Rovner told reporters at a recent "Elseworlds" press screening. "We've dreamed of having Lois Lane be on Supergirl. We've talked about her since the beginning. That was great. When I first saw them together, what felt like we were kind of entering the canon in a new, fresh way seeing them reunite for the first time in our universe and that was thrilling."

"It was thrilling really to read their first scenes in Flash, and to kind of feel Lois Lane. It's amazing." Rovner continued. "And Bitsie Tulloch is great, embodying kind of everything that is iconic about Lois. And we just love them together."

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"Elseworlds" continues with Arrow on December 10th at 8/7c, followed by Supergirl on December 11th at 8/7c.