Exclusive: 'Legends of Tomorrow' Will Bring Back John Constantine Later This Season

Matt Ryan's John Constantine, who appeared on this week's 2018 premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, will make his return to the time-travel superhero drama in March, ComicBook.com has learned.

In a new photo from the set of Legends of Tomorrow, actor Nick Zano told his Instagram followers that he was going into production on the final episode "like...," and featuring a photo of himself, bruised and bloodied but with his hands up as if to fight. Some fans noticed that the photograph appeared to feature John Constantine standing in the background, a head of tousled blonde hair and the character's signature trench coat visible behind Zano's head.

Warner Bros. Television has confirmed for ComicBook.com that Ryan will return for the fifteenth episode of the season, titled "Necromancing the Stone," which is set to air in five weeks.

Ryan, who appeared on this Monday's episode, hinted to ComicBook.com that there be more story to tell, but never promised another appearance this season.

Cast members on Legends have been taking photos to save for later social media use all season. For example, you can see a number of posts this week featuring disco-inspired looks on many of the characters, which will appear on next week's episode. That episode, titled "Here I Go Again," was filmed in December.

So while this image...

Going into the last episode of the season like... 📸 cred: @caitylotz

A post shared by Nick Zano (@nickzano) on

...accompanied a "season finale" piece of teaser text, that is no guarantee that Constantine will appear in the finale. It is theoretically possible, but Warner Bros. confirmed only "Necromancing the Stone," and not the finale.

Some fans, likely recognizing the social media patterns of the Legends actors, rebutted the initial enthusiasm over seeing Constantine at all by suggesting that the photo may have been just a thematically-appropriate image taken during Constantine's 310 visit, although the wardrobe and "battle damage" featured by Zano here do not appear consistent with what was seen on Monday.

Whether this will be his look on 315, or if there might be yet another Constantine appearance in the offing before things are through, will likely be a source of debate among fans for the next few weeks.

Ryan first played the role of Constantine on a self-titled NBC series, which lasted for one year. After that, he appeared in a Sara Lance (Caity Lotz)-centric episode of Arrow, officially bringing the character into The CW's shared DC Universe. Ryan followed this by portraying Constantine in the animated feature film Justice League Dark, and will follow up his Legends appearances with a Constantine animated series for CW Seed.

"I don't know if I've ever seen an actor so completely bring to life an established comic book character as Matt Ryan did for John Constantine," Constantine showrunner Daniel Cerone told ComicBook.com. "Between the NBC series and his subsequent appearances on CW, it would feel strange to see or hear anyone else in that role at this point."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. "Necromancing the Stone" will debut on March 19.