Flash EP Details Savitar's Plan For Barry

As we get deep into this season of The Flash, we see Team Flash do whatever they can manipulate [...]

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As we get deep into this season of The Flash, we see Team Flash do whatever they can manipulate the future so that Barry Allen's love interest Iris West isn't killed by Savitar, a possible future seen by Barry as he accidentally time-traveled while dispatching Savitar and the Philospher's Stone into the Speed Force.

The Flash co-showrunner Aaron Helbing said in a recent interview with TVLine that it was no accident that Barry saw the future where Savitar murdered Iris — rather it was thoughtfully planned out by the villain.

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"I would say that Savitar has a plan," Helbing hinted. "Since Savitar was kind of tethered to the Philosopher's Stone, he sent Barry to a time that he needed him to go to."

With Helbing saying that Savitar had purposefully sent Barry to a future in which Iris is murdered, it would seem that Savitar has a plan in place, even though he's currently lost in the Speed Force.

Before we see Barry and Team Flash take on Savitar, Central City's finest will have to deal with Gorilla Grodd and his army from Gorilla City on tonight's episode, 'Attack on Central City.'

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