'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Memorabilia"

'Memorabilia' starts with Nora giving a monologue before we find out it's actually a message she's [...]

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"Memorabilia" starts with Nora giving a monologue before we find out it's actually a message she's sending to Eobard Thawne in the future.

Later, Barry, Iris, and Nora are at the ice skating rink, where they adults are teaching their kid how to skate. The entire crew's there when Sherloque gets an alert saying he's gotten a package delivered to STAR Labs. The team heads to work and find out that Sherloque's package is a memory machine from Earth-221, something that should let the team help wake up Grace.

As Sherloque is explaining the process of using the machine, Nora becomes uneasy when she finds out the machine lets people read each others minds. Sherloque explains Barry and Nora will have to use it and Nora doesn't want her father to read her mind to see what she's up to.

That night, Nora manages to work the machine herself, implanting her consciousness within Grace's. As Nora's trying to escape from Grace's consciousness, the two are suddenly trapped when the portal the machine used closes. With the portal closed, Nora tries to find another way out.

At their house, Iris is on the phone with a lawyer talking about the potential of starting her own office. As Iris seems upset at what the lawyer had to say, Barry's phone rings. Sherloque's calling to inform the two that Nora has used the device by herself. The two race to STAR Labs, where Sherloque says that if they don't get her out quick enough, she'll suffer permanent brain damage.

In Central City, Cisco and Ralph are at a bar speaking with an informant, trying to get a location on Orlin Dwyer. Cisco vibes the informant and finds out the informant was talking about a local band named Sickada, not the villainous meta Cicada.

Sherloque hooks Barry and Iris up to the machine to send the pair into Grace's consciousness. They arrive at the CCPD and soon find out they didn't enter Sherloque's memories — instead, they entered Nora's childhood memories. The two start walking around Nora's memories when they arrive to STAR Labs to find it transformed into a Flash museum.

After running into a dead end at the bar, Cisco and Ralph begin drinking. Before long, Cisco finds out it's single's night at the bar and realizes that Ralph lied to him about the informant.

In Grace's memory, she leads Nora to the hospital immediately following her accident. There, she realizes that Grace has been able to hear people in her room throughout her entire time in a coma. Grace puts two and two together and realizes that Nora's the one that hurt her uncle. Grace gets upset and manages to take away Nora's speed in her consciousness. Then, Cicada appears and starts attacking the speedster.

In Nora's memory, Iris arrives to find the Nora runaway and the two fight about Nora's actions. Iris instantly feels regret about her future self being strict with Nora. Iris then reveals to Barry that she ran a dozen potential newspaper names through her attorney and the only name that came back as available is that which is on the newspaper reporting Barry's disappearance in the crisis and that's why she's hesitant of starting her own newspaper now.

The Reverse Flash suit in Nora's memory becomes animated and starts hunting down Barry and Iris. As they're hiding, Caitlin manages to use Cecile's memory device to call both Nora and the West-Allen's to explain what they need to do to join the same memory.

Reverse Flash tracks the two down, but Iris is able to use The Thinker's chair to zap him away. After that happens, the portal opens up in Grace's memory, allowing Barry and Iris to cross over. They crossover but are unable to convince Grace to come with. The Cicada that's been following Nora around is revealed to be an older version of Grace.

When everyone comes to, Caitlin reveals that there's still a piece of the dark matter shard in Grace's brain, prohibiting the machine from doing its correct work. The team realizes they'll have to come up with a new way to wake Grace up.

The next day, Barry and Nora greet Iris at her new office since she's decided to go forward with the newspaper.

We see another snippet of Nora recording a message to Gideon and find that she's working with Thawne to stop Cicada without her parents knowledge.

The episode ends with Barry asking Cisco if there's any progress on the metahuman cure. He reveals he wants to use it on Cicada.