'The Flash': New Comic Accurate Costume for Season 5 Possibly Revealed

The look of Grant Gustin's Flash costume in The Flash TV series has been a 'work in progress' [...]

The look of Grant Gustin's Flash costume in The Flash TV series has been a "work in progress" since the series began, but soon the show will have what looks to be the most comic book accurate version of the Flash costume yet. Now, thanks to an apparent early leak, we now have what may be our first look at Gustin's new Flash season 5 costume.

The Flash season 5 storyline sees Barry Allen and Iris trying to deal with the latest time-warped problem in their lives: the arrival of their daughter Nora from the future! A speedster heroine in her own right, Nora is looking to get back to her own timeline before causing some kind of calamity. At a certain point when she and her dad have to sprint into action, Nora provides Barry with an iconic Flash comic book took: a Flash ring that contains a condensed costume!

Nora describes the costume as a "fan favorite," which may be a not-so-subtle nod to the show bringing in the most comics-accurate version of the suit we've seen so far. The Flash has been relatively infamous for its season 1 costume, which missed the mark in the eyes of many fans. Since then, the suit has gotten steady upgrades, with season 4 providing the most sleek and colorful version thus far.

So will Flash fans dig this new version of the suit? The Instagram comments suggest that it could be a somewhat controversial design, with "Bring back the chin strap" being the most prevalant early response. Indeed, while the comic book version of Barry Allen has typically gone without anything covering his chin area, the TV version has always sported that look. Seeing Gustin's naked chin will apparently be an issue for some fans — so strap in for that (pun).

The fifth season of The Flash will debut on Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.