Frank Miller Liked Ben Affleck's Performance In Batman V Superman

It was quite apparent that Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice drew substantial [...]


It was quite apparent that Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice drew substantial influence from Frank Miller's defining Batman tale, The Dark Knight Returns.

While Superman wasn't a government stooge and Batman wasn't worried about dying at any moment, the foundations can be easily seen, including a heavily armored and older (though not 55) Batman as its star. Snyder also pulled from classic Superman stories as well, recreating scenes from the Death of Superman and Funeral for a Friend storylines.

The fan favorite creator recently made an appearance at MegaCon (via, and during a panel was asked about Batman V Superman, and what he thought of Ben Affleck's take on Batman.

In response to a question about unfair criticism of Batman V Superman, Miller said: "I was rooting for Batman."

When asked specifically about Affleck's performance in the role, he had more positive things to say.

"I liked it, he's a good actor. I mean, he's obviously very, very close to this material and plays it with great affection."

A fan then brought up the internet's reaction to Affleck's Batman, and how the actor was crucified for it online. Miller didn't seem to give those reviews much weight, though, saying: "The wonderful thing about the internet is the delete button."

Someone also asked about Affleck's much-discussed team up with Chief Creative Officer at DC Geoff Johns on a Batman solo film, and if anyone from DC or Waner Bros. had reached out to him for insight or advice. He simply said: "They got my number."