The Dark Knight Rises Actress Joey King Reveals Bruise From Being Hit In Head With Golden Globe By Patricia Arquette

The Golden Globes is, in many ways, Hollywood's biggest party event, as not even the Oscars offers the level of boozy fun that stars get to indulge in during the Golden Globes Awards ceremony. It's not at all surprising then, that the Golden Globes is often a party that gets out of hand - it's really just about what degree of wildness will occur. Case in point: the 2020 Golden Globes offered its fair share of wild moments, for sure, but one viewers didn't get to see during the ceremony is now getting a whole lot of attention.

Apparently, actress Joey King (The Dark Knight Rises, The Conjuring) was attending the Golden Globes and had the chance to do a fun video with Patricia Arquette, who just won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television. What should've been a nice, funny, celebratory moment between two actresses actually instead ended in King getting a blow to the head with Patricia Arquette's Golden Globe:

"Patricia Arquette accidentally hit me in the head with her Golden Globe. That sentence will give me bragging rights for the rest of my life. @PattyArquette" --Joey King

The fun part of this is that unlike so many anecdotes about what goes on behind the scenes of the Golden Globes, we can actually get a look at exactly when Joey King bashed her head into Patricia Arquette's Golden Globe. To be clear: despite King's claim that Arquette hit her in the head with the Golden Globe, the video below clearly shows that King actually bashed her head into Arquette's statue, while trying to take a bow at the end of the video, without seeing the Golden Globe in her path:

"This is one show we'd pay to see. @PattyArquette @JoeyKing #InStyleWBGlobes" --In Style


We hope Joey King is feeling alright now - although, given the caption on her Twitter post, the only thing she's feeling now is pride, having forever been marked by Patricia Arquette.