'Gotham' Star Reveals Iconic Batman Moment Coming "Very Soon"

Gotham fans were given a treat at the end of Season 3 last year, as the series delivered a true [...]

Gotham fans were given a treat at the end of Season 3 last year, as the series delivered a true Batman scene, showing Bruce Wayne in a dark suit, staring down over the city from the corner of a building.

While this season has seen Bruce lose his way, acting less like the Caped Crusader with every passing episode, there is another iconic Batman moment on the way, one that fans have been asking about for years.

Bruce Wayne is finally going to experience his bat encounter, discovering his fear of the nocturnal creatures.

During an interview on Discussing Film's podcast, Gotham star David Mazouz was asked about Bruce's arc in the second half of this season, and whether or not the young man would take any more steps toward becoming Batman. The actor then revealed that bats are, in fact coming to Gotham, but the classic encounter will have a very different look than we're used to seeing.

"I know there were a lot of restrictions put on the show regarding bats early on, so I'm no sure what we're allowed to do at this point," Mazouz said. "But bats will be on the show very soon, and there will be a form of bat encounter. There will be a very clear form of that iconic moment of Bruce being afraid of bats and having a connection to bats and it won't be in the way that it's already been done. This is a new approach and it is going to be an alternative version. But that encounter will definitely happen and it will happen fairly soon when we come back."

Many past versions of Batman feature a young Bruce Wayne running into a cave full of bats just after his parents are killed. This causes the boy to fear the creatures, eventually taking them on as his mantle symbolizing the conquering of his fears.

Mazouz also revealed that this scene isn't the only piece of Batman coming to Gotham this season. Earlier in the interview, the young actor said that some more upgrades would be coming to Bruce's crime-fighting suit, taking him one step closer to achieving "Batman" status.

"Yes, when the suit comes back you'll be seeing upgrades," Mazouz confirmed. "With every time he wears the suit from this point on, there's going to be an upgrade either by Bruce or by Lucius or Alfred."

Gotham is set to return to FOX with new episodes this spring.