Gotham Knights "Of Butchers and Betrayals" Preview Released

The CW has released a preview for "Of Butchers and Betrayals", the fourth episode of the first season of Gotham Knights, The episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, April 4th. This week's episode saw the fugitives discover that the Court of Owls run deeper than they realized when they saw how many watches with Court of Owls insignia were in the stolen goods from the Founder's Gala and from the looks of things, next week we'll see the group get a surprising lead in their overall investigation — one that might connect Bruce Wayne's murder to another mysterious killing. The episode will also feature guest star Veronica Cartwright, whose casting was announced last month. You can check out the preview for yourself below and then read on for synopsis of the episode.

"X" MARKS THE SPOT — After discovering some potential leads in their investigation, Turner (Oscar Morgan) and Harper (Fallon Smythe) investigate a possible connection between Bruce Wayne's death and the mysterious death of a lawyer.  Meanwhile, Carrie (Navia Robinson) and Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan) head to a nursing home to question Eunice (guest star Veronica Cartwright).  At the Belfry, Stephanie (Anna Lore) opens up to Cullen (Tyler DiChiara) about her life at home, while Harvey (Misha Collins) makes an unsettling discovery.  Geoff Shotz directed the episode written by David Paul Francis & Devon Balsamo-Gillies."

Veronica Cartwright cast as Eunice Harmon in Gotham Knights.

"We are absolutely thrilled to have Veronica as a part of 'Gotham Knights.' A veteran of some of the most frightening movies ever made – 'Alien,' 1978's 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers,' and Hitchcock's 'The Birds' – Veronica brings to the role of Eunice Harmon a uniquely chilling sense of danger in an otherwise unassuming package," series creators Chad Fiveash, James Stoteraux and Natalie Abrams said. "The character of Eunice was originally supposed to be a one-off, but we were so blown away by Veronica's performance, we knew we had to bring her back."

Gotham Knights airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. "Of Butchers and Betrayals" airs April 4th.

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