'Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor Confirms He Will Wear a Fat Suit After the Time Jump

Oswald Cobblepot has slowly been evolving into the classic comic version of Penguin throughout the [...]

Oswald Cobblepot has slowly been evolving into the classic comic version of Penguin throughout the first few seasons of Gotham, but his biggest jump toward the original character is still to come. Not only has Penguin lost nearly every ounce of control and sanity he had this season, but he's getting ready to take on the iconic look of his comic counterpart as well.

That's right, by the end of the series, we'll be seeing the fat Penguin that we've been waiting for.

During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show this week, Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor was asked about what was in store for Penguin over the course of the rest of the season.

"We jump forward at the end of the season so we'll actually get a glimpse of the Penguin that we all grew up [on]," Taylor began.

When the comment was made by one of the hosts that the actor would be wearing a fat suit for that final time jump, he simply replied, "Yes, yes I do."

"It's interesting, because I was talking to our costume designer John Glaser, and I was saying I don't want him to be a cartoon like, I was thinking of like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka," Taylor continued. "I didn't want that kind of look so we went with something a little more monstrous and there's a hunch on his back. He's becoming a monster in this season."

Even before the season started, Taylor has been teasing the classic comic look for Penguin at some point before the series concluded. During a set visit last year, he revealed to ComicBook.com that pieces of Penguin's style were certainly on the way.

"I can't spoil anything specific but definitely there are parts of the traditional iconography of the Penguin that are coming into play this year," he told us. "We've done everything else with this character it has its own unique twists and it's also everything is earned and everything makes sense this character is turning into the traditional Penguin that we all know and so we see it visually as well as emotionally."

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