Gotham Previews Bruce Wayne Vs Joker In New Trailer

Jerome is back on Gotham, and he's better than ever. After causing mayhem in the city, it looks like the crazy character is finally going full Joker.

In a new trailer, next week's episode of Gotham teases Jerome making the full turn into the classic villain - although it doesn't say that specifically. What the trailer does show however, is the Bruce Wayne/Joker battle we've all been waiting for.

After Jerome set off the bombs in Gotham, he's bringing the circus back. As he's causing all the mayhem, he begins acting more and more like the classic Joker everyone wants to see. From the new laugh, to the demented dialogue, he's becoming more and more like the famous Clown Prince of Crime.

Just before he paints Bruce's face, Jerome delivers one of the Joker's classic lines. He tells Bruce, "Let's turn that frown upside-down."

At the end of the trailer, Jerome puts on his most accurate Joker impression yet. He calls out to Bruce while stalking around a mirror-maze, and the resemblance is almost uncanny.

If the sewed-on face wasn't enough to get you believing Jerome is the real Joker, this new trailer surely is.

GothamMonday at 8PM on FOX

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