'Gotham' Gets Vicious With #ThingsBatmanNeverSaid Hashtag

With the final season of Gotham winding down, the show's official Twitter account used a hashtag [...]

With the final season of Gotham winding down, the show's official Twitter account used a hashtag that was trending earlier in the week to craft one of the most savage tweets of all time. Using the age-old storyline of Martha Wayne getting killed in a dark Gotham City alleyway, the Twitter account posted a tweet saying "Happy Mother's Day!" The hashtag in question:#ThingsBatmanNeverSaid.

The aforementioned event is what eventually drove Bruce Wayne to become the Caped Crusader, something fans will finally see take place in the closing episodes of the final season. In fact, one of the upcoming episodes will be entirely dedicated to the transformation of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) into Batman — a fact Gotham star Cameron Monaghan revealed in a previous interview.

"I will say we've been given certain liberties in this final season that we haven't been given before that's going to make itself pretty apparent as you watch it," Monaghan said. "All I'll say is when you have an episode that's a full-on Batman episode running around in the future, you're going to have characters that you'll expect to see. I don't think it's a spoiler to say at this point that it's 10 years in the future — that's been talked about openly by the producers and showrunners – I don't want to say exactly what my role in that is, but it was kick ass. It's one of the coolest opportunities I've ever had."

Monaghan's character — Jeremiah Valeksa — is well on his way to becoming a full-fledged Joker, another big event the show will have before it's final curtain call. Gotham executive producer told Gamespot that Jeremiah's descent into anarchy is horrific.

"We all know the character that some people think he is, some people say he's not--that he's supposed to be a precursor to at the very least," Stephens told Gamespot. "So, when you look at the Joker, and you break down elements of his personality, and you cleave off certain character traits. Some of those character traits we gave to Jerome. Some of those character traits we gave to Jeremiah.

"But, there were still some leftover character traits that we said, we haven't used these elements yet. Specifically to me, horror or terror. I feel like there are elements of the Joker, some iterations of him, which he's not just a clown prince of crime, but he's actually a nightmare. And I feel like... some of those remain to be explored."

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8/7 p.m. Central on FOX. What have you thought about the final season of Gotham? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!