'Gotham' Star Reveals New Ecco Photo Looking a Lot Like Harley Quinn

The final season of Gotham draws ever closer and, now that a few teasers and photos have been [...]

The final season of Gotham draws ever closer and, now that a few teasers and photos have been released online, the actors on the show have started sharing just a little bit more from behind the scenes. The secrets surrounding Season 5 seem to be fewer than they were a couple of months ago, so many of Gotham's stars have had no problem posting a picture or two on social media.

This is definitely true of Francesca Root-Dodson, who plays Jeremiah's ever-faithful sidekick Ecco on the show. After having a small role in Season 4, it looks like Ecco is taking on some more responsibility this time around. She's also donning a lot more clown-inspired makeup, leading to the all-but-confirmed theory that her character is transitioning into Gotham's version of Harley Quinn.

On Wednesday, the actress posted a new photo on Instgram, showing off one of her most Harley looks yet.

"Full makeup look for Ecco fans," Root-Dodson wrote in the post. As you can see in the photo, she's donning the all-white makeup on her face, and her hair up in two different buns. If Ecco is turning into Harley this season, she's certainly looking the part.

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Full makeup look for Ecco fans 👹👹👹 #Gotham

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Adding to the idea that Ecco would become Harley is the fact that she's very clearly in a relationship with the extremely Joker-esque Jeremiah Valeska this season. The two have been seen dancing together in several Gotham promos, and even actor Cameron Monaghan teased that his electric villain had a new girlfriend on his arm this time around.

"It was interesting in the last season," Monaghan told ComicBook.com. "His plan succeeded. He destroyed Gotham. He marooned it. He created his maze and his image and all this stuff, which is rare for any villain to succeed. So I think that he's enjoying that he's king of the roost and he's sort of working within the shadows with a lot of respect and he's sort of the big boogeyman in the city right now. I think he's enjoying that and it's giving him a sense of ego and hubris. He has got a girlfriend now and he's more successful than he's ever been.

"I think that what's driving him right now and what his plan and what he's building is, he's always working or building something, is Bruce. Bruce is his special project. It's the one thing that's bothering him and nagging him because it's the one thing he didn't succeed at. That's what we see with him now is he's happyish but he's still unsatisfied because he needs to show Bruce how much he loves him, or his twisted version of love."

What do you think of Ecco's new Harley-inspired style? Are we finally going to see Harley Quinn debut on Gotham? Let us know in the comments!