'Gotham': Robin Lord Taylor Confirms Fat Penguin for Season 5

By the time Gotham ends, Bruce Wayne will become Batman, Jim Gordon will probably have some sweet facial, and it looks like Oswald Cobblepot is going to put on a little more weight.

Robin Lord Taylor, who has stars as Penguin on the Batman prequel series, has recently confirmed that, not only will his character start to dress a lot more like the iteration from the comics, but he will also put on the pounds when the series jumps forward in time in the series finale.

During a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Taylor teased the addition of classic Penguin props throughout the upcoming final season.

"I can't spoil anything specific but definitely there are parts of the traditional iconography of the Penguin that are coming into play this year," he told us. "We've done everything else with this character it has its own unique twists and it's also everything is earned and everything makes sense this character is turning into the traditional Penguin that we all know and so we see it visually as well as emotionally."

At New York Comic Con last weekend, Gotham showrunner John Stephens confirmed that there would be a decade-long time jump in the last episode of the series, allowing all of the characters to become more like their classic comic versions. While speaking to Syfy at the event, Taylor teased that this would include a "fat suit" for Penguin.

"Like John said, we're jumping into the future at the end," he said. "And so, you're gonna see a lot of the classic, archetypal-"

The host of the interview jumped in to say, "Putting you in a fat suit?" Taylor quickly confirmed with a laugh, "Yes! Yeah, I get chunky."


By the time Gotham comes to an end, there's a chance Penguin will be looking a lot more like Danny DeVito than Robin Lord Taylor. While that's good news for fans of Batman comics, the Gotham faithful have come to adore Taylor's interpretation of the character, and everyone will be said to see him step away from the role in 2019.

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