Gotham: The Executioner Recap With Spoilers

A crowded police station sees Jim ask around about who else could have entered that bathroom and [...]

A crowded police station sees Jim ask around about who else could have entered that bathroom and killed Simon. He asks Lee if she knows anything, but she says she only talked with Barnes for a little while. After she pushes, Jim says he can't talk anymore about what he knows.

Jim goes to Harvey, and his partner gets angry. He lets on that there's no way Barnes could hurt anyone. Jim brings up his latest antics, but Harvey still disagrees. Eventually, Harvey agrees to help Jim investigate, only so they can prove Barnes is innocent.

Across town, Barnes is hanging up three men with heavy ropes. He talks as they struggle to stay standing on their chairs. Barnes is giving a speech about being calm and knowing what you have to do.

He goes to each man and shouts out their crimes, sex trafficing, drugs, and murder. He states that tonight, he is the law. Barnes says the are all tried, found guilty, and sentenced as he kicks their chairs from under them.

"Justice Is Served."


Ivy and a rich man are walking through his house, and he points out his many riches. After mentioning his vault, Ivy asks to see it and heads upstairs. The man asks about Ivy's past. She says she meets men, they give her things, and she does nothing. Ivy also notes that he like plants, and lists the many things she can do with them.

After putting a perfume on her neck, she asks the man to smell. He is in a trance, and she asks him to open the vault. As soon as he obliges, Ivy knocks him out.

The vault leads to an entire room. Ivy walks in and heads straight for an enormous emerald, which she immediately steals. As she's leaving, the man reappears asking if "They sent her." Ivy gets him out of the way and escapes.

Nygma and Cobblepot are at the table, and Nygma keeps checking his watch. He says he is waiting on a call from Isabella.

The phone rings, and Nygma says it was the GCPD and they'd like to see him. They didn't say why. Oswald looks surprised, and says nothing probably happened.

At the station, the dead body of Isabella is revealed. Nygma seems to be in shock. Oswald says the officers told him she ran a red light and probably fell asleep on the wheel.

He tells Nygma he's sorry, and says he's there for him no matter what he needs. Nygma hugs Cobblepot, and Oswald smiles.

Selina is in the apartment and she calls for her cats to come to breakfast. Ivy comes in and finally reveals her true identity. Selina seems shocked.

Harvey calls Jim and says there were many fingerprints at the scene of the crime, and one of them belongs to Barnes. Jim goes into his office, and looks through a file on the Mad Hatter. The Captain enters, asking Jim what he's doing.

Jim makes up a story on the file he's looking for, and Barnes hands him a file. Barnes blocks Jim as he tries to leave the office and asks him to fill him in on what's going on. Barnes also notes that he knows Jim was first on the scene, and Simon's file stated that he was alive when police arrived. Jim lies, and tells Barnes he didn't ID the killer.

Jim says Simon tried to ID the killer, but died before he could. Barnes tells Jim that a man named Sugar was behind the killing, on mob's orders. Barnes loads his gun, tells Jim to keep this a secret, and tells him to join him in tracking the killer down.

As Jim gets in the car, he secretly calls Harvey and asks him to meet them at the address where they're headed.


Barnes and Jim are driving into a sketchy part of town. Barnes says he's disappointed in Jim for not questioning him since he was present for Simon's murder. Jim asks Barnes many questions about Simon, and his answers were quite ambiguous. Jim tells Barnes he's in the clear, for now.

Barnes says there's a lot of clean-up to do in this town, and the police can't do much about it. The two argue about what the law means, and why it should or shouldn't be bent. Barnes says good men should fight for justice, no matter what it takes.

The car passes the address that Barnes initially told Jim they would stop at. When Jim brings it up, the captain changes his story.

Selina and Bruce are in the apartment talking about Ivy and how she was older. Selina says she ate all of her food, so she knows it's really Ivy. Selina then gets mad at Ivy for not telling her she was alive sooner. The two hug, and Ivy apologizes.

Selina and Bruce ask where she's been. Ivy says she's been using her looks to take whatever she wants, and Bruce comments that she does look nice.

When Ivy finally opens up, she says she might be in trouble. She tells the story of the man from the night before, and how he might be after her.

A noise can be heard, and Selina investigates. She locks up and the three escape. Two men with masks and crossbows come into the building.

Jim and Barnes kick in a door and point guns at a man in his chair. They ask where the man was, and he says he was at a fight and many people saw him. He claims he has no idea who Simon was. As he pleads his case, Barnes says he's telling the truth, but he's not innocent. Barnes shoots the man and points the gun at Jim.

Selina, Bruce, and Ivy are out by the docks, and she has no idea who the men were. Bruce tells her that she needs to give the necklace back. He offers to buy it from her so she still gets paid. Bruce will get her $5000 in cash that day, or she can try and outrun the men on her own. Ivy hands over the necklace and Bruce asks for his address.

A man is painting a portrait of Oswald, and he stops the painting to go visit Ed. He's listening to a record, alone, moping about Isabella. After saying he's not going anywhere, Oswald says he knows how hard it is to lose someone. He tells Nygma that he's being depressing, and a bit scary. He needs to move on, and heal. Nygma says he's right and that he will go to the spot of her death and say godbye.

Oswald stops him and says Isabelle would want him to be happy, and Nygma corrects him. "Isabella."

Jim is dragging the man's dead body at Barnes' instruction. Barnes says he knows that Jim has been investigating him, and admits to killing Simon, among others. Barnes claims that he is the law, and he tells Jim that this is who he's always been.

Jim knows Barnes is infected, which means he could be considered innocent. Barnes says he's thinking clearly, and Jim needs to see the bigger picture. Jim knows that Barnes will set him up for sugar's murder, but not without a price.

Barnes says he will let Jim go if he will join him in the dark side of crime-fighting. Jim says he regrets his shooting every day, and can't be that man. Barnes asks where Jim stands.

With a gun pointed at him, Jim responds, "Against you."

Someone enters the warehouse, looking for Sugar. While Barnes is distracted, Jim escapes.

Nygma talks to the spirit of Isabella, and he says goodbye as he puts flowers down on the train tracks. He looks around and starts investigating. A homeless man asks for change, and Nygma asks about the accident. The man says he heard Isabella screaming for help, and Nygma recalls Oswald saying Isabella fell asleep at the wheel.

Bruce has arrived at the man's house with the ladies in tow. As they enter, they see the man lying dead on the floor. The arrow in his eye matches the weapons held by the men that were after them.

Selina throws the necklace, and the emerald breaks, revealing a key. Ivy asks if Selina and Bruce are a couple, and the two can't seem to land on the same answer.

Back at the police station, everyone is gearing up. Alvarez tells Harvey that Jim had gone rogue, shot an unarmed man, and turned on the captain.

Harvey talks to Jim on the phone, and he explains what happened. Barnes is chasing after Jim with a shotgun. He steps on Jim's phone on the way.

Harvey goes to Lee and tells her what's going on. He says she needs to trust Jim, and tell the other officers that Barnes has contracted Mad Hatter's virus.

Jim is still running from Barnes, and he hides out in the foundry. As Barnes tries to come in, Jim hits his arm and escapes for a moment. The chase goes upstairs, but Barnes catches him. He tells Jim it's the end of the line, and points the shotgun at him.

At a car shop, Nygma is underneath Isabella's tattered car. He gets up, and reveals that the brake lines had been cut. He realizes that the GCPD had to have been paid off, since no one reported the brake lines.

He says he knows who could have paid them off.

Police sirens are heard as Barnes says they are going to find the dead body of Jim. Jim tells Barnes to go to hell.

Bollock comes over the speaker, saying that Barnes is under arrest. He announces that he knows the Captain has killed others, and they have proof. Barnes says he knows Harvey and Lee lied for Jim, and Jim tackles Barnes causing the shotgun to go off. Harvey rushes in.

After the two fight, Jim has a gun pulled on Barnes. Barnes says the cops can hunt him, but Jim needs to let him go. Barnes says by turning him in, he's dooming all of Gotham. Barnes says Jim is guilty, and a gunshot is heard.

As Harvey approaches, Barnes is clinching a gun wound on his shoulder, and Jim says he's okay.

Ivy, Selina, and Bruce arrive back at Wayne Manor. He says Alfred will make beds for them, and the kitchen is filled with food. Ivy calls Bruce Selina's boyfriend after he leaves.

Back at Selina's apartment, the men in masks search through her things. Behind the bricks, they find the article about Thomas and Martha's murder.

Back at the station, Jim sees Lee. He tells her he is fine, and that Barnes is alive. Jim thanks her for stepping up and helping him, and she's glad that she did. The two share a moment, and Lee begins to leave. Jim stops her, but just says 'Thank you' again. Lee walks away.

Back at Cobblepot's Nygma says he needs to speak with Oswald. Oswald says he wants to talk as well. He got a gift for Nygma since he is going through so much, and he reveals a painting with both of them in it.

Nygma reveals that she was murdered, and he goes through all of the evidence. He claims to know who did it, and says Butch was the killer. Oswald says that makes perfect sense, and he will help to find Butch and make him pay.

Jim and Harvey are standing in the station, and Harvey says he believes the office is cursed. He apologizes for doubting Jim, but Jim says he didn't when it mattered.

Over at Arkham, Barnes can be heard yelling "Guilty" over and over again. He appears in a straight jacket as the Gotham logo appears.