SPOILER Gets Shot in Green Arrow #36

Oliver Queen has been in a rut as of late, but things only got worse in the latest installment of Green Arrow.

In issue #36, which hit comic shelves Wednesday, Oliver potentially lost one of his closest allies, as they were shot in the chest, leaving them on the brink of death.

Just a warning, there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Green Arrow #36. Read at your own risk...

Green Arrow and his team spent most of the new issue trying to stop his mother from making a devastating sacrifice to the Ninth Circle. Unfortunately, as a fight broke out between the two sides, a different sacrifice was made.

Momma Queen had the element of surprise on her side, and she took an opportunity to fire an arrow at her son, hoping to stop him for good. She had him dead to rights, but his half-sister Emiko Queen, better known as Red Arrow, jumped in front of the shot to save Oliver.

green arrow 36
(Photo: DC Comics)

Emi, as Oliver calls her, took an arrow directly to the chest, attempting to save her brother. In the final panel of the issue, Oliver held her in his arms and cried, "Stay with me Red Arrow!"

Sadly, things don't look like they'll get any better in Green Arrow #37, as the issue is being teased as "The Fall of Red Arrow."

Green Arrow #36, written by Benjamin Percy and illustrated by Juan E. Ferreyra, is now available online or at your local comic shop.