Greg Berlanti Doesn't Take Deaths On TV Lightly


Major character deaths are a part of television, especially when you're dealing with an action show. If the characters are put into peril week in and week out, there's no way to show the stakes are real quite like one of them not making it out of a particular situation.

"Characters are going to perish. That is part of the investment in the show," said super showrunner Greg Berlanti in a new THR profile. The producer knows all about high-stakes as an EP on The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and non-DC (but equally intense) show Blindspot. He and his writers don't do it without care, though.

"The thing I'd say is that obviously a character's death is going to be a really sensitive thing for somebody who's enjoyed a show and that actor, and we don't take any of them lightly," Berlanti said.


So don't expect characters to just start dying left and right anytime soon on your favorite shows.