Kaley Cuoco's Harley Quinn Talks Apocalyptic Wasteland, Finding A Cure In New Preview

Kaley Cuoco’s Harley Quinn is taking the apocalyptic wasteland by storm and helping Mr. Freeze find a cure in a brand new promo. The show just dropped another preview for the second season of the series. It addresses the ever-evolving state of Gotham in the DC Universe staple. Gotham has been carved into territories after last season’s finale. Fans have already seen Penguin and Riddler, and it looks like Mr. Freeze is next up on the list. Harley’s already been on the wrong side of his deadly ray before this season, and now she and Ivy will have to help the villain. However, it looks like the Dr. will take a much bigger role in the upcoming installment.

More Harley couldn’t have come along at a better time for the company and for fans. With the coronavirus pandemic going on, people are looking for more stuff to watch. Harley Quinn is still riding the wave of that stellar first season. The short layoff kept it in the public consciousness and now it’s reaping the benefits. Right before Season 2, Comicbook.com’s JK Schmidt talked to writer Justin Halpern about the possibility of a Season 3. He said, “We're in a position now where DC Universe is trying to figure out what it wants to do with the show. There's been rumblings about expanding now that Warner Media has several arms. We're exploring opportunities for other outlets but nothing's confirmed."

"But as part of the, 'Hey, look at us. We're this little show that's doing pretty well,'" Halpern added. "We have sent a one page... Just not even a synopsis but more of a setup for what could be season three. And so, we have thought about it but that's not to say that it could change entirely once we get a writer's room going, if we are lucky enough to get a third season pickup. It's all to be determined."

Back when the first season released, ComicBook.com's Jenna Anderson gave it a perfect five-star rating, saying it was a "hilarious and feminist masterpiece."


“On a technical side, the series elevates its stellar writing and performances in many ways," Anderson began. "The costume designs feel quintessential to each character, but with just enough of a modern and practical edge. There are countless costumes and props that fans will probably want to recreate and cosplay, from Ivy's novelty coffee mugs to a batch of "Suicide Squad" band t-shirts. The art direction and background work is a joy to look at, adding an extra depth to each scene without ever being distracting. The same goes for the series' music, which eloquently captures the upbeat, but earnest energy."

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