Harley Quinn Sets Up Batgirl's Epic Debut After Taking Down the Riddler

"Riddle U," the latest episode of DC Universe's Harley Quinn, is officially available to watch on the streaming service. Last week saw the death of a major villain as Harley gets used to the new status quo in Gotham, and this week introduced a classic character from DC Comics: Batgirl. During the new episode, Harley and Poison Ivy attempted to infiltrate Riddle U, the college overrun by the Riddler, and the only place in Gotham with working power. While taking a college tour in disguise, the ladies meet an agile guide who ends up being Barbara Gordon. The new character is voiced by Briana Cuoco, who happens to be the sister of Kaley Cuoco, the voice of Harley Quinn.

During the episode, it's revealed that Babs has been stuck living in her dorm room with her dad, Jim Gordon, whose depression has only worsened since Batman disappeared and his wife kicked him out. Times are tough for the Gordons (although, hilarious for us) and Babs is itching to stop the Riddler, who has turned her school into his playground. During the episode, the Riddler captures Harley and Ivy, but Barbara saves them and immediately catches the superhero bug.

The episode ends with Harley and Ivy promising to take the Riddler to Arkham, but instead, hold him hostage. They reminisce about their adventure, hoping Barbara lets go of her Batman obsession and continues her normal life as a student. The show then cuts to Babs in her dorm room, sewing a costume. She officially puts on the Batgirl outfit for the first time and jumps out the window, leaving us to wonder if she'll try to put a stop to Harley's current plans to take over Gotham.

During a recent interview with ComicBook, the showrunners also teased a flashback episode that could change everything for Harley, Poison Ivy, and Joker. "We also get to do a really cool flashback episode that's a bit of an homage to Batman: The Animated Series, while also retelling and reframing Harley's origin story with both the Joker and her original acquaintance with Ivy. And we turn that on its ear a little bit. There's a big revelation that a lot of the feelings that Harley had for the Joker maybe shouldn't have been. That maybe a lot of those were based on lies and I'll leave it at that," Patrick Schumacker shared.


The entire first season of Harley Quinn is now available to stream on DC Universe and new episodes of season two drop on Fridays.