Holly Hunter Reveals What 'Incredibles 2' Had in Common With 'Batman v. Superman'

On the surface, Disney and Pixar's Incredibles 2 doesn't have much in common with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, other than the fact that both are about superheroes. The former is lighthearted, exciting, loved by just about everyone who's seen it, and it annihilated box office records in its opening weekend. To be kind, let's just say that Batman v Superman was quite the opposite.

However, according to Holly Hunter, who appeared in both films, they do share one other element. She never got the full script when shooting either movie.

During an interview with Vulture, promoting Incredibles 2, Hunter said that both movies gave her the script in pieces, though for very different reasons.

"With Batman v Superman, I had part of a script, a fragment, but that was under lock and key for all different reasons," Hunter said. "Incredibles 2 wasn't under lock and key, but that's part of the methodology of constructing an animated movie: It's made out of order in a way that a regular movie isn't."

Like all big DC and Marvel movies, many actors aren't given the entire script. This is a studio's way of keeping leaks and spoilers under wraps. Hunter, who played Senator Finch in BvS, wasn't the main character of the film, so she didn't necessarily need the entire script at once.

For Incredibles 2, it was a much different situation. It doesn't sound as though anyone was worried about script leaks or spoilers. Animated films are just made in vastly different ways than live-action movies. Things are recorded out of order, moreso than on a big movie set, and actors might be recording their parts at the earliest and latest stages of production.

In both situations, regardless of how you felt about the movies themselves, it's safe to say that Hunter knocked both performances out of the park.


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Incredibles 2, written and directed by Brad Bird, is now playing in theaters everywhere.