iZombie Recap With Spoilers: "Death of a Car Salesman" Flashes Back to the Past

iZombie's final season is nearing the home stretch, and it may have just taken human-zombie relations into a whole new direction. Read on to find out all of the major details from the season's eighth episode, "Death of a Car Salesman".

Spoilers for tonight's episode of iZombie, "Death of a Car Salesman" below!

In a flashback to the beginning of the show, Mr. Boss meets with Martin Roberts, who is working on Seattle's Utopium production. A year later, he's refining his recipe, and quickly turns into a zombie and kills his friend. In the present day, Martin meets with Liv and begins to reveal how he got clean, but Liv gets torn away by a call from work.

Liv and Clive arrive at the morgue, where Ravi is eating the brain of Rick, a local car salesman who appeared to be run off of a bridge. Clive also talks about a raffle ticket contest in the police department. Liv also eats Rick's brain, and that causes her and Ravi to get competitive with each other.

Clive interviews Rick's wife, and learns from Steve that his car might've been hacked.

Liv and Ravi continue to be competitive about the raffle. Martin arrives, and he and Liv go out to lunch, where she learns that he's a zombie. She then accuses him of still using Utopium. Martin tries to argue that Liv will motivate him to get sober, but she doesn't believe it.

Liv and Ravi return to work, where Liv and Clive interview the general manager of Rick's store. He reveals that whoever sold the least amount of cars would be fired, which was usually a man named Stu, who also previously dated Rick's wife. Liv gets triggered into a vision of Jack, a man who got fired from the company a year before.

Clive and Liv visit Jack. Ravi gets a vision of Rick's car being vandalized, and Clive ultimately determines that Jack's daughter, a computer science student, was the one who did it. Jack arrives and confesses that he was the one who hacked and crashed Rick's car.

Martin meets with Liv, and promises to follow through with getting clean.

Clive tells Liv and Ravi that they both tied for the top prize in the raffle contest.

Martin watches the documentary about Liv, and gets a visit from Lambert.


Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Don E learns that Blaine completely redid the basement. Blaine meets with a group of businessmen to try to sell Froelich Syndrome brains. Blaine asks his Froelich patient, Darcy, to stay under his thumb. She later goes to Don E's bar, and he decides that she's his soulmate.
  • Another flashback shows Don E, Scott E, and Blaine picking up Martin's Utopium, which will be delivered to the boat party where Liv was ultimately turned into a zombie.
  • Peyton and Major both worry about their pitches to the US government. They, along with Liv and Ravi, tune in to the premiere of Hi, Zombie, and it appears to go well. The government arrives in New Seattle, where Peyton and Major pitch the idea of establishing a zombie island. Major meets with General Mills, who reveals that since his daughter is still missing, he's going to vote to nuke Seattle.
  • A Fillmore-Graves agent scratches his doctor. General Mills and all of the other senators are later treated by the doctor, who scratches another general named Hoover and turns him into a zombie. The whole ordeal ends up being orchestrated by Martin.

iZombie airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.