'iZombie': What's Next for Liv After "Goon Struck"?

Tonight's iZombie provided fans with quite a few bombshells -- and what could be a major change [...]

Tonight's iZombie provided fans with quite a few bombshells -- and what could be a major change for Liv Moore (Rose McIver).

Spoilers for tonight's episode of iZombie, "Goon Struck", below.

The episode saw Fillmore-Graves' hold on Seattle have a large number of new developments as human-zombie relations seemed to take a turn for the worst. After Mama Leone/Renegade (Dawnn Lewis) was kidnapped and delivered to Chase Graves (Jason Dohring), his generals advocated for Renegade to be publicly executed as a way of sending a message.

At the same time, Liv realized some new things as well -- namely that a few members of Seattle's hockey team were working for Renegade's human smuggling operation, including Levon (Daniel Bonjour). Liv firmly believed that Blaine (David Anders) killed Renegade's men, and was frustrated when Fillmore-Graves essentially exonerated him from it. Liv began to wonder if there was any way to beat the system, considering just how much Fillmore-Graves was doing.

By the episode's end, Liv watched in horror as Renegade was executed despite her attempts to get Chase and Major (Robert Buckley) to stop it. After the event, Liv immediately ran up to Levon, and asked him to help her take over Renegade's smuggling operation.

So, where exactly could this go for Liv? While it somewhat feels too early to tell, this episode certainly hints that it could put her further in danger. After all, even though the whole "it's illegal to create new zombies" thing has some major wrinkles -- particularly in Major kidnapping and turning Sloane (Laura Bilgeri) at Chase's instruction -- it appears that there would be some sort of trouble if Liv's new secret operations were found out.

But in a way, this almost feels like something that has been telegraphed throughout the season thus far, particularly in how Liv has handled the different elements of this brave new world. And even the season's main poster could be interpreted as representing Liv's new crusade.

"I don't think Liv agrees with any of those black and white ideas." McIver said of the new status quo during a set visit last year. "I think she sort of thinks there's a way of juggling being a good person and contributing to her society with occasionally bending rules when she feels like she needs to help people who need it. She's definitely not as by the book as Major, or as she may have been in the past, but it's always with really good intentions."

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