Jared Leto Was Considered For A Marvel Movie Role

Marvel's latest theatrical foray is in the world of magic, as actor Benedict Cumberbatch is set to bring the sorcerer supreme into the Marvel Cinematic Universe later this year.

At one point, though, it looked like the pairing wasn't going to happen, a process noted by director Scott Derrickson (via EmpireOnline). He's gone on record as saying that Cumberbatch was "the only actor we seriously considered", but when the actor was approached for the part initially, he was already committed to Hamlet.

Due to the conflict of schedules, the search for a new Doctor Strange commenced, which according to Derrickson included actors like Ryan Gosling, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jared Leto. Even after meeting those talented individuals for the part, Derrickson knew he wanted Cumberbatch to play Stephen, and the two sides made it work.

As fans know, Leto went on to play a new and updated version of The Joker for DC's Suicide Squad, but at one point he could have very well played the Sorcerer Supreme himself. Leto's method acting process is well known, so one can only imagine the immense research and rather peculiar things he could've gotten into if cast in the role. It would have most assuredly been a unique take on the character.

Cumberbatch has since stated that he thought the part had moved past him after their initial conversations. "If you can't jump on board when the ride's going past. that's usually it," Cumberbatch admits, "so the hugest compliment they paid me was to come back to me. It motivated me to try to fulfill their faith in me."


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Doctor Strange hits theaters on November 4th.