Jason Momoa Praises Justice League Snyder Cut, Reveals He Didn't Reshoot Anything

Justice League star Jason Momoa has nothing but praise for Zack Snyder's 'Snyder Cut' of the film; [...]

Justice League star Jason Momoa has nothing but praise for Zack Snyder's "Snyder Cut" of the film; although, Momoa also makes it clear he didn't participate in any reshoots of the film. The Aquaman actor sat down for an interview with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, who wanted to take the brief amount of time to let Momoa know that four hours of Snyder's Justice League was a "fantastic" experience, in his opinion. When asked how he felt about Zack Snyder's Justice League, Jason Momoa let it be known that he had gotten everything he wanted out of having the Snyder Cut finally released.

"Listen, I love Zack, and that's kind of what I signed up for - whatever, eight years ago - is to have his vision," Momoa told Fallon. "An you know, the cool thing about that four-hour piece is that I didn't reshoot anything. Like that was all there. So it's interesting when people come up to me and they're like, 'Oh, I really love this, and it was so detailed, and it explained so much.' I'm like 'Yeah, that's what we went and shot.' I didn't have to redo anything."

Jason Momoa Zack Snyder Justice League Cut Reaction Reshoots Explained

It's indeed become something of a DC fan obsession to comb over both Joss Whedon's theatrical version of Justice League and the Snyder Cut, trying to discern which director shot what, when, and what had to be reshot later. Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry (aka Aquaman) is one of the biggest changes between the two cuts of Justice League: Whedon made Aquaman much more of a comedic relief character, rather than the hard-drinking (and littering) tortured soul that Snyder depicted in his version. And yet, Jason Momoa still keeps a diplomatic tone when discussing how he views "Josstice League" in hindsight:

"So, you know, because of the tragedy I'm happy we made one [version], but I'm really happy that we got to release [Zack's] art, and a lot of fans are happy," Momoa said. "And the truth of it is, I like the four hours! And normally we watch shows that are - you know - it's just a four-part series. So, I like the extended [version] and spending time with the characters."

Jason Momoa will continue his run in the DC movie universe with Aquaman 2, which he apparently has a heavy hand in creating alongside director James Wan. In fact, Wan has just revealed that the sequel's title is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is already leading to massive fan buzz about the storyline.

Aquaman 2 is in the process of pre-production now.