Joe Manganiello Assures Fans That Deathstroke Solo Movie Is "Still in the Works"

Fans have come to take any reports regarding the development of potential DC films with a grain of [...]

Fans have come to take any reports regarding the development of potential DC films with a grain of salt, mostly because several of them have never seen the light of day. However, according to Joe Manganiello, the rumored Deathstroke movie isn't about to be one of those projects lost in the depths of development hell.

In fact, the actor made it clear that the solo film is indeed still happening, and that there are several people involved, working to make it the best movie possible.

While speaking to MTV at San Diego Comic-Con this past week, Manganiello was asked what he says to fans that wonder whether the Deathstroke movie is still happening.

"I say it's in the works," Manganiello responded. "Because it is and there's nothing further. I can't say without speaking out of school. Cause, you know, I'm a part of a team, I'm a part of a locker room, you don't talk outside the locker room. But all I can say, for the hardcore fans, it's in the works. They want it, they want the character to happen, it's just when he happens."

The host mentioned that he knew Manganiello wanted to make sure the Deathstroke movie was done right, much like his Dungeons & Dragons project.

"And they do, too," the actor said of the studio. "I think everybody is committed to that."

Manganiello first appeared as Deathstroke in the post-credits scene of last year's Justice League, where he met with Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor. The duo teased a team-up of their own, one that could rival that of the League. However, with the future of the Justice League franchise up in the air, it's unclear whether or not that team will ever come to fruition.

Deathstroke was supposed to show up as the villain in the Ben Affleck's Batman solo film, but it seems like new director Matt Reeves has other plans for the villain in his version of the movie.

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