New Justice League Banner Released

The promotional rollout continues for Justice League, and a new banner for the film brings the big five together in some fantastic poses.

The new banner features Cyborg, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Aquaman all standing in classic hero poses, but a few stand out above the rest (via Reddit). The best part of the banner is hands down Wonder Woman, who is standing in the middle with her hands on her waist. It's a pose that Lynda Carter often adopted in her iconic portrayal, and Gadot does it justice.

As a general highlight, it seems as if every costume has gotten more vibrant and colorful. Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman in particular actually look like their comic counterparts these days and don't seem to have that dull grey wash anymore.

Flash's pose is also rather inspirational, and the blue lightning coursing through his suit is a nice touch. Aquaman stands on the far right side with his trident in hand, and as mentioned above this might just be the most green we've seen in the suit yet. Cyborg isn't too shabby either, and the armor looks better every time we see it.

If the banner has one issue it is Batman. The character's costume looks fine mind you, but the picture is just insanely awkward like someone scrunched him so he would be in line with everyone else's height. Werid right?

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

You can see the new banner in the image above.

There's a lot of pressure for Justice League to live up to expectations, as it is one of the most iconic teams in comics. That said, thanks to Wonder Woman, the movie doesn't have the entire weight of Warner Bros. cinematic universe on its shoulders any longer. Wonder Woman proved that the studio could put out a universally acclaimed film, so now Justice League can breathe just a bit more.


Even with the extra breathing room, fan expectations are high, and hopefully, the film will deliver something worthy of the League.

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