'Justice League' Deleted Scene Included Bruce Wayne Trying To Bribe Aquaman With Cash

Sometimes the whole "saving the world" thing isn't quite enough to convince someone to help, and in those moments you need cold hard cash.

At least that's what Batman relied on in a newly surfaced deleted scene from Justice League. The scene is revealed in Justice League: The Art of the Film book, which shows Aquaman holding Bruce Wayne up against a wall after their first confrontation. Now, this scene is in the film, but the cut part involved a cash bribe that Bruce holds in his hand. It's a pretty sizable wad of cash, and it is unknown if in one cut of the film Aquaman decided to take it (via Batman News).

That kind of money would buy an awful lot of beer for Arthur. Also, it isn't like Bruce didn't say his powers consisted of "I'm rich."

You can view the image below.

(Photo: Justice League: The Art of the Film)

It is rather odd that the scene didn't make it into the film, as it fits the overall tone of the movie. Most likely it was just cut for time purposes, and hopefully, it will be included in the eventual Blu-ray and DVD releases of the film.

Aquaman and Batman's relationship does improve throughout the film, as the two share some other humorous moments by the time the credits roll. The well known "Dig it" comment from Aquaman after seeing Bruce in costume comes to mind, as does Batman's "I'm not the one who brought a pitchfork" line towards the end. There's also that hilarious scene in the Flying Fox involving a way too honest Aquaman and Wonder Woman's golden lasso, which is one of the best parts of the film.

Hopefully, we'll get to see more of these two in future films.


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Justice League is currently still in theaters.

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