The Flash Seen As 'Justice League' Breakout Character, 'Flashpoint' Is A Priority

Recent rumors coming out of Warner Bros. suggested that fans should temper their expectations for [...]

Recent rumors coming out of Warner Bros. suggested that fans should temper their expectations for a Flashpoint movie, based on the success and reception of the impending Justice League movie.

But a new report states that Ezra Miller's portrayal of the character is one of the highlights of the new movie, and that a solo movie is in the works at the studio.

The report from the Wall Street Journal called the Flashpoint movie "a priority" for DC Films, according to Warner Bros.' movie division president Toby Emmerich. It goes on to state how the Flash is being received among studio executives:

In "Justice League," Ezra Miller's Flash, who is young, socially awkward and hides his fear through humor, is viewed at Warner as the movie's breakout character.

Ben Fritz, who wrote up the report for the Wall Street Journal, added on social media that the production is close to landing a director.

The news of an imminent greenlight comes after Variety's Justin Kroll said that Warner Bros. was waiting to move forward with Flashpoint and other movies featuring characters like Cyborg and the Green Lantern Corps, based on the reception of Justice League.

"A little insider tidbit, so I've been tracking various movies in this world, director-wise, specifically Flashpoint," said Kroll. "I've heard they've slowed that search down to see how this film does because I don't know if they're giving everyone their own movie now. Aquaman is already shot."

When asked about a potential Cyborg movie not having a director, Kroll responded "Well obviously that's not happening anytime soon. Neither is Man of Steel 2."

"But I've heard that- I keep asking and they're like, let's see how this film does before we go forward on those types of movies," Kroll added.

While the recent positive buzz surrounding Justice League could have been a factor, the fact that Emmerich's confidence in the character is being made public so soon after Kroll's comments could be confusing.

Is the commitment to a Flashpoint movie legitimate? Or is the Warner Bros. exec saving face in light of the early receptions to Justice League? Hopefully we find out soon with the announcement of a director for the Flash's long-awaited solo film.

Justice League premieres in theaters November 17.