Justice League's Zack Snyder Reveals BTS Look at Green Lantern Scene Shot in His Driveway

Though Green Lanterns appeared in Zack Snyder's Justice League in a flashback scene, the eponymous filmmaker wanted to add a present-day member of the Green Lantern Corps to join the superhero team in Justice League 2. That Green Lantern was going to be John Stewart, played by newcomer Wayne T. Carr until the studio eventually decided to remove him from the release of the director's cut. Since the character missed out on the final cut of the redone version, both Carr and Snyder have started to share behind-the-scenes shots of the scene Stewart was supposed to appear in.

Saturday morning, Snyder shared an overhead shot of his home where the scene was being filmed. Because it wasn't ordered by the studio, the director had to film Carr with a skeleton crew in his own driveway in hopes of cutting costs even further.

Carr himself had previously said he always knew there was a chance he wouldn't be in the final product for HBO Max, just because the studio is reportedly already working on a version of the character.

"[Zack] said, 'We're going to shoot it, we'll see what the studio says,'" the actor said on a recent episode of LightCast. "This is kind of crazy because we shot it in what I'm going to call 'Driveway Studios.' He called me after he showed it to everyone, I think it was the second time because they had watched it in parts. He was like, 'They're not letting me do this thing.'"

"When I saw the full vision, I went through the journey like everybody went through the journey. Towards the end I realized, 'Ugh. I'm not a part of this. Darn,'" Carr added. "The thing that kind of just warmed my heart was once all of the concept art and stuff started to drop, it's been nothing but love from the fans, man. Like, I wasn't even in the movie, and I'm just getting positive feedback from people and support. It's super crazy. It's absolutely crazy, but I love it."


Zack Snyder's Justice League is now streaming on HBO Max.

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