'Justice League': Henry Cavill Doesn't Think a Zack Snyder Cut Would Make a Difference

One Justice League actor doesn't believe that the fabled 'Snyder cut' of the movie would have [...]

One Justice League actor doesn't believe that the fabled "Snyder cut" of the movie would have impacted its final box office tally.

Speaking to Yahoo Movies UK during the Mission Impossible - Fallout press tour, Henry Cavill gave a blunt assessment of the "Snyder cut" version of Justice League, a version of the controversial WB film that wasn't touched by Joss Whedon.

"I don't know if [a Snyder cut] actually exists so the only way I can look at it is as a business model, and I don't know what difference it's going to make," Cavill said. "There are stories to be told, which need to be told and adjustments that can be made, but that's not going to make any difference."

Cavill pointed out that, while a "Snyder cut" might satisfy curious fans, it wouldn't make the film more money. "They're not going to release it into cinemas and so they're not going to suddenly make an extra few hundred million," Cavill noted. "So it would be interesting to see what the difference is, but I'd rather focus on the future rather than what's been."

While Cavill doesn't seem to be interested in focusing on the original vision for Justice League, he still seems committed to playing Superman in the DC Extended Universe. The actor recently expressed interest in having Superman fight Brainiac in his next appearance as the Man of Steel. He also expressed interest in a movie adaptation of the classic Superman storyline "For Tomorrow" which sees Superman struggle with failing to save a million people (including Lois Lane) from disappearing from Earth.

"There's a lot of weight to it," Cavill said. "I don't know if it's the exact one I'd make a movie out of but I'd definitely take tones from it. You really get an insight into Superman's mind. He talks to a priest a lot and you see him trying to save the world in literally the most magnificent of ways."

Cavill also enjoyed how the storyline shows Superman grappling with the realization that he can't create a perfect world for everyone. "He's so naive in some aspects of it but he's using all the power that he possibly can to create a utopia and within all this stuff is a lot of darkness, a lot of sadness in him."

While DCEU fans might be disappointed that Cavill doesn't support the Snyder cut, they should be pleased that he's still thinking about his next turn in the Man of Steel's tights.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout hits theaters on July 27, 2018.