'Justice League': The Flash Prank Scene Released Online

Ezra Miller's Flash had several standout moments in Justice League, but now you can rewatch one of the best ones on constant repeat.

At one point earlier in the film Barry Allen (Miller) goes to visit his father in prison, but before he can see him he has to sign some forms. An officer stands behind the glass watching Allen fill out the forms when the person behind Allen in line, a rather thuggish looking fellow says "hurry it up will ya?". Allen turns around and meets the man face to face, and he also happens to have a pen in his hand.

After he turns around the thug asks "what you got a problem", with the camera showing his full face. It then switches back to Allen, but there's a flicker right before he says "oh there's no problem", where you see his hand quickly move the pen.

When the camera switches back to the other guy, he's got a surgical staple line drawn on the side of his head, full rimmed glasses that circle his eyes, and a handlebar mustache drawn above his mouth. Allen tries not to laugh and signs his name quickly, but the officer behind the glass makes sure to say something to the man as he approaches the window, asking "Are those prescription, or are you trying to look brainy?".

You can watch the full clip in the video above.

Allen had several highlights during the film, including one memorable scene where he falls on top of Wonder Woman and another that features him pushing a truck to safety while Superman lifts a whole section of apartments. Hopefully, the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD will include even more.


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Justice League is in theaters now.

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